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Fedora 17 Shellshock fix (until official F17 bugfix RPM is released)

Updated Sep 29 to include most recent patches. Why cannot I release my (fixed) ready to use rpm package? Because how would you know I am not taking advantage of the panic and post compromised one? Use only official resources! … Continue reading

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Wake On Lan to wake from sleep (pm-suspend)

Some Linux machines wakes up correctly on WOL packet when they are normally powered off, but ignores the signal when they are in sleep. Found out that for configurations with Realtek network cards this can be fixed by (easy) substituting … Continue reading

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Play – pobierania stanu konta skryptem PHP (lub w AQQ)

This entry is about PHP script to programatically access billing statements from web service of Polish cell phone operator Play. – W skrócie: Ten wpis dotyczy wątku AQQ [ScriptRunner] Play – pobierania stanu konta na forum AQQ. W poście #76 … Continue reading

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WordPress moderate comments even if moderation off

Recently I came across a problem with comments moderation. I didn’t want to have comments on a blog moderated, so I have turned it off in a discussion settings in WordPress. But WordPress kept putting all new comments into the … Continue reading

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Skype, Firefox 4 (or other 32-bit app) on 64-bit Fedora Linux

After setting up new Fedora 14 x86_64 system I have installed Skype for Fedora offered on the Skype web page. It turned out that it is i586 compilation and my system wasn’t configured to run 32-bit applications out of the … Continue reading

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Moving windows partition

Moving a FAT32 partition within a disk will make Windows on it unbootable. Continue reading

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KDE 4 grumbling

Recently I have upgraded my system to Fedora 9, and was generously forced to upgrade KDE 3 to KDE 4. I found it very annoying, and still cannot configure it in a way I’m used to work on my desktop. … Continue reading

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IOGear GWU513 wireless card – Windows 64-bit drivers

I’ve been trying to find x64 drivers for my USB 802.11g WiFi adapter (actually to use them under Linux x86_64, but that doesn’t matter). I couldn’t find Vista nor XP 64-bit drivers for it, neither for any other device with … Continue reading

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Matshita UJDA745 CD-RW/DVD combo drive failure

Matshita UJDA745 (Panasonic/Matsushita) is an ultraslim 9.5mm (regular is 12.7mm high) cdrw/dvd drive build into some light laptops, ie. Sony Vaio PCG-V505BX (and probably other from 505 series), IBM T40. DVD reading problems Unfortunately it seems that it is build … Continue reading

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