Forward email as an attachment in pine

By default pine attaches forwarded messages inline.
Here is trick to forward email as an attachment.
It is sometimes important that you preserve original headers when forwarding email. Eg., if you want to report spam.
Forwarding as attachment do preserve email headers, attachment inline does not.


  1. Open (or put cursor on) message you want to forward
  2. Enter Full Headers mode¹ (press h)
  3. Forward the mail (press f)
  4. Accept ‘Forward message as an attachment?’ (press y)

Tested on pine 4.62. Is there any simple method? What displaying full headers has to do?

¹To be able to enter Full Headers mode, you may need to enable it in configuration:
On main screen enter Setup (press s), Config (c), and check (x) enable-full-header-cmd in Advanced Command Preferences. Exit and save (e, y).

Post Scriptum: this is an import of information that I wrote a while ago. Things might have changed since then.

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