Linux – Programming – Technology: blog introduction

For a few years I used to maintain random set of pages with some thoughts or tips on various Linux and programming related topics. A few of these pages got some attention over the time (Linux on Sony Vaio FX240 – when Linux on laptop was not that obvious, Skype on Linux – when Skype used to have annoying problems with sound system, OpenOffice macro for Polish users seeking number-to-text macro), but all together it has never been a crowded or regularly updated place. This is probably not going to change.

As of now I have decided that something more advanced than random HTML pages will have a few advantages.

First of all there will be RSS for free, so there is possibility to get notified if I add something time to time.

The next important factor are comments. Till now all communication was done by direct email to me and I eventually updated the pages afterwards. But emails could be a limiting factor. At least for me it is easier (also mentally) to fill a comment form than to write an email.

Then the workload for adding new things is much less with that setup, so there is a bigger chance that I will add something here more often.

And lastly, WordPress is well know, so the navigation should be a lot easier and more consistent then it used to be.

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