IOGear GWU513 wireless card – Windows 64-bit drivers

I’ve been trying to find x64 drivers for my USB 802.11g WiFi adapter (actually to use them under Linux x86_64, but that doesn’t matter). I couldn’t find Vista nor XP 64-bit drivers for it, neither for any other device with Prism54 chip GWU513 has.
So finally I went into a Live Chart with IOGEAR support and here is an answer I got:

You are now chatting with: ‘Iogear3′
Iogear3: Thank you for using IOGEAR Customer Advocacy Technical Support Live Chat. Please tell me your model number, operating system, and short description of the problem.
You: Hello, I own GWU513 802.11g network card, and just upgraded my computer to 64 bit. Where can I find drivers that would work with 64-bit OS?
Iogear3: That unit is only supported on 32 bit OSs, we unfortunately do not offer support for it under 64 bit systems.
You: Are there any plans to release 64-bit drivers?
Iogear3: No as that product is discontinued we have no plans to offer 64 bit support.
You: Hmm, I must say I’m quite disappointed.
You: Hmm, I must say I’m quite disappointed.Thanks anyway
Iogear3: Take care.

Well, that would be it… Any new info is appreciated.

PS. Actually, GWU513 works under Linux (x86 and x86_64) after minor tweaking.
Isn’t it funny that for once Linux has better WiFi drivers than Windows?

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