KDE 4 grumbling

Recently I have upgraded my system to Fedora 9, and was generously forced to upgrade KDE 3 to KDE 4. I found it very annoying, and still cannot configure it in a way I’m used to work on my desktop.

So here you have – my problems, workarounds, and solutions (if I ever get to that point).

  • Upgraded KDE 3 to KDE 4 + doing some configuration tweaking resulted in
    crash of KDE on every startup
    . Well, I didn’t have time to debug it, so
    just removed ~/.kde directory and did new config from scratch. Painful, lost
    all settings from kde apps too (have a backup), but worked.

    Ah, it happened again. I wasn’t going to scratch the config again, so tried to find out.
    Crash seems to be related with adding some scripts (anything?) to
    ~/.kde/Autostart. If I find out something more, I’ll be submitting a bug
    report probably.

    Update: Problem turned out to be my default settings of umask 0077, that disallowed any access to /usr/share/mime/ every time it got updated. That made kde to crash.

  • Panel (or how they call the main menu bar) on the left (vertically)
    setting is unusable
    Applications (widgets) embed in it, just does not
    support (does not fit) that mode. No solution as of now.
    Update (KDE 4.2): This is partially fixed, but some apps/widgets still behave poorly.
  • No ‘Manual’ mode for window placement Any automatic (even Smart) option
    on a large (virtual/multi-monitor) display just does not work for me. I want
    manual control, period. For KDE 3 I wrote a small, and quite imperfect patch
    to add that mode to kwin. Will have to do the same for KDE 4.
    Anyway, ok, that’s just a feature request, with apparently minimal interest among users.

    Update (KDE 4.2): I have implememnted that feature for myself. Maybe after more testing I will make the patch public.

  • gnome-terminal just got mad, shows a lot of trash instead of ASCII
    text on a +- half of the screen. Didn’t debug. Highlighting the text, or
    moving the window out of the screen and back helps until contents changes.
    gnome-termial window with broken contents

    Tried switching to konsole, but…

    Update (KDE 4.1): this started to work ok at some point. Not sure when/why. No more konsole. Hurray!

  • konsole knows better(!) what shortcuts I want to use, so redefines
    Ctrl+Insert to ‘Paste’ the clipboard (aka Ctrl+V), instead paste the current selection (X
    default), and disallow to change it.
  • konsole starts in geometry of last closed konsole (sic!), and no way
    to change, set up on
    command line or in
    any other way (tried dcop/dbus too!)
  • konsole tabs cannot be set up upon command line startup, i.e. what
    tabs are opened, how to name them, and what command to run
  • Where do I configure mouse wheel to change desktops?

    Answer: Option is gone in KDE4 (using compositing, but apparently, in my case, without compositing too), but planned.

    Update (KDE 4.2): Fixed

  • New kickoff menu very hard to navigate when you want to scan through menus. Fortunately old one is available.

  • How do I setup middle click on the desktop = window list?

  • And forced predefined shortcuts again!. I’m used to have Alt+Up
    combination bound to Window Rise action. Who made the developers into the
    position to decide it will be irrevocably bound to some ‘Up’ action?! If you
    wish, you can warn, that redefining the standard action is a bad idea
    and user does it on his responsibility. But force?! You are apparently going
    Dialog showing error window

    Window says: The ‘Alt+Up’ key combination has already been allocated to the standard action “Up” that many application use. You cannot use it for global shortcuts for this reason.

  • Fixed both forced shortcuts problem with a kdelibs-remove-shortcuts.patch. For now on, it disables only shortcuts: Alt+Up & Shift+Insert, so both can redefined. This unfortunately does not fix Ctrl+Insert being bound to ‘Paste’ (although it can be now redefined to something else).
  • It means rebuilding whole KDE rpms every KDE update. Eh…

Post Scriptum: this is an import of information that I wrote a while ago. Things might have changed since then.

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