Friday, October 01
So... I was writing diary while being in France - in Polish. Now being in Poland I'm writing in English.

Why they call it BLOG anyway? It was always called diary...

Ok, made a nice start. Now back to work.

Have curtains on windows! First time ever. We have prepared installation before Crimea journey, and now Julia with her mother bought missing pieces of fabric in Ikea, Julia's mother trimmed them. And Julia just brought and hanged them. Still need some fixing (one is way to long), but what a colors... Photos will follow ('ll make in daylight).

Sunday, October 03
Had a very nice weekend. Saturday seen new kitchen of our friends Maciek and Kasia-Julia. Kasia is now cooking every weekend :) Later went with another friends to see "Termial|". Because of lack of time left our bikes and shopping at Maciek's place. It was nice film. Maybe not very deep or complicated, but just nice. For me somehow close, because I've (as Tom Hanks) also been in US legal loophole for a few times... At the end of day we went back to Maciek & Kasia, to take our stuff, but spend another 2 hours there, and went back home @ 2am.

Today met Kuba & Milka, and went with them to nearby forest, and further to Konstancin to see - hmm. my dictionary says: (salt) graduation tower, there. It an installation to spread healthy water over the air, so people breath it in, and get healthier. Went back, and ate dinner together in our place.

Also we "borrowed" a sofa from Wladek's apartment (next door), to see how it fits in ours. It is very nice to have a sofa (especially when inviting guests), but our apartment starts to be overcrowded with it. We will "test" few moire days, and see if we want one.

Also we have finally answered Zosia (@ Nancy). She was kind of upset that we didn't keep contact with her lately. The sad truth is that we just do not write emails very often, and there is nothing personal in it. It is much more in our nature to fulfill our social life in personal contacts...

Hope this diary will help at least a little. :)

Monday, October 04
Got up at 7:15. It's been long time after previous success of that kind... But also it's long time I haven't been at my school.

Ok. Time to go!

After much work Julia did to prepare our curtains, she finally decided that they will look better if washed (with much softener) and ironed.

So started this while I was in school, and spend a lot of time doing this, I have helped her a little after return. But both were tired, and fighting with curtains seems to be one of the worst home works I can imagine. Blah. And finally we get angry on each other because of that...

Being in school (again) was nice. I even met some people I know there (although most of them already finished their education). Also made my typical faux pas... Me: - Hmm, I think I know you from somewhere.... Girl: - Sure! I've even been on your marriage... So it was Ula, who I've met many times before... Ahhhh.

Morning classes seems to be quite good, apart from one aspect: morning. In afternoon also nice, Grzes - lecturer has welcomed me "you? again?"

Also I'm quite satisfied by time it takes me to get by bike to school. It's 35 minutes, and it's less than it would take me to go there by public transport. Eventually there may be even faster combination, to take bike to underground, and ride it only on last stage. But it is incredible during rush hours. And what a fun to pass all these cars stucked in traffic.

Wednesday, October 06
Oh my poor legs...

Went (by bike) for ice skating training and back home. I wonder if I will be able to ride to school tomorrow...

Friday, October 08
Seen 'Washington Square' by Agnieszka Holland yesterday evening in our "home cinema". It was good film. Who says that I do not like any film I see???

BTW primarily plan was to see 'Being John Malkovich', but I refused to watch it (seen some scenes with all these dolls). Just I didn't want to prove that I like no films ;)

Sofa testing period is over. We had to return it to Wladek's apartment. Well, we had guest once, and we made home cinema once on it. But also in the mean time it was quite comfortable to have it. Maybe I would get used to it, even if it takes much space (which is quite limited here).

Monday, October 11
Got up at 7.30 again. But outside there is 3 degrees Celsius! How I can travel to school in such condition?!

Wednesday, October 13
01:22 (Oct 14)

Today used 'mixed' transport. Still is cold outside, and I was late, so took my bike to the metro (it's free since few months). But traveling within city center by bike. Quick. Not bad.

Only, I'm afraid, I'll be unable to to this when I really would need to -- when starting classes at 8.30. So many people is in metro at that time, that person sometimes can't get in.

Collected materials to my tomorrows speech. I have to present what is status of my master's thesis. Unfortunately all my major ideas, was recently published by the company known as Microsoft.

So I hardly believe that I can still write my work on this subject, and anybody will believe that these ideas was my own.